About Me

Some interesting history of the do-er.

About Me

Hello, world!

My name's Joshua, and I'm an 19-year-old tech-savvy person whose major goal is to be as good as possible in many fields of computer science. I highly enjoy programming, music, photography, gaming, conspiracizing and theorizing about society and the existence of life, and hacking (or "pen testing" so to speak, on my own systems).

I've had a slight bit of a history to my life - some I'll gladly talk about, and some I wish I never had to experience. I started off school with kindergarten at Garfield Elementary of Port Huron, MI at the age of 4. I got completely through that, and then about half way through the 1st grade I moved to Niles, MI (where I had to leave my best friend) and attended one school for half the second semester and another one for the second half of the second semester. I recall having a lot of issues with some of the students at the first one, but the second one was pretty alright - it was also where I first learned about the "wish flower", fueling my interest in nature and later photography. Sometime during the summer, I moved back to Port Huron, MI for the first semester of 2nd grade. Sometime during the first two weeks of February, I moved down to Chester, SC and was introduced to a completely new environment that I was not used to. I adjusted pretty quickly, however the students at Chester Park Elementary didn't like that. Immediately starting off I was bullied, and that lasted until I hit 9th grade at Chester Senior High School, which still occurred every once in awhile. I had a few good friends from 4th grade to 8th grade, and then once I hit 9th grade all of my brother's friends became mine as well; they accepted me very quickly, and my life became happier and I actually wanted to go to school daily because of them.

I've always had a knack for technology, even in the simplest of ways. When I was little I helped my brother plug in a GameCube to the TV because of the color coding of the wires, and I even managed to use the VCR as a man-in-the-middle for the cable box and the TV to record my favorite shows. The earliest I can remember having a major interest in technology spark in my mind was when I was either 5 or 6 and I watched my uncle move his mouse from one monitor to another. I asked him how he did it, and his reply was something along the lines of "the video card supports it". If I recall correctly, it was from that point on that my interest in technology grew massively. During 3rd grade my teachers pointed it out to my parents, and at the beginning of the 6th grade I began becoming known as the computer nerd. During middle school, my interest skyrocketed and eventually I became known as the hacker kid for always talking about computers and the things I was learning that I felt were super interesting.

I don't remember exactly at what age I learned which, but the very first language I ever learned was Java. Like most of my computer knowledge, it was completely self-taught. I did so by using the Minecraft Coder Pack to decompile Minecraft, and then I opened the source code in Eclipse and began changing certain string values and integer/float values. Soon I started adding my own lines, and I learned that using the same variable name twice with a defining sign (an "=" sign in this case) and a definition afterwards meant that it would redefine the variable from its original definition to the new one - this is how I learned to change the variable name to have a new and completely separate variable. Later I began learning how to include other source files for their functions and constants/variables and how to use and create functions myself. (Not that it matters, but I made a mod to add a "Texture Packs" button to the in-game pause menu before it was actually made a feature. I showed it to a few people including my uncle and they thought it was a pretty neat idea.) Eventually I decided to learn AutoIt thanks to my uncle, and stupidly I tried tackling a chat client/server and soon regretted the decision; after this, I began using basic knowledge of how Java worked to help me understand the new syntax. As time went on, I started learning HTML/CSS, PHP, bare bits of Python, Lua, JavaScript, and now, a little bit of C/C++ and a whole lot of Go.

Branching away from the computer stuff, one of my next major interests is music. I enjoy most genres of music, but some of my most common ones to listen to are rock, metal, pop punk, and dubstep. In fact, an entire playlist of all of the songs (available on Spotify, at least) that I enjoy is available here, and all of the songs I listen to at the very moment they're being listened to can be identified via LastFM here. On the topic of music, during my entirety of middle school and my first half of 9th grade I took concert band. I was a percussionist and I learned how to play the real drums on a full size kit, and I also refreshed my piano skills that I learned at a younger age during free times. I was told I did a lot better than most students that passed through the class, so that made me pretty happy.

Something that I've always enjoyed is colors. There's so many amazing colors out there, and if I'm being honest I do believe there's a whole lot more colors than what we as humans have experienced either with the naked eye or technology. All the different mixes and matches create amazing results, and this is one of the reasons I love photography. Everyone has their own personal opinions on what looks good and what doesn't, and that makes it even better. I've found an amazing interest in nature itself and the beauty of it, so my sole photographic style is of nature itself. However, I find almost all forms of art amazing including hand-drawn art, computer graphics art, and artistic styles of taking images.

As for theories, I'm going to end up creating an entire website in itself for all of them. You'll get it soon, and I'll link to it here and somewhere else more easily findable on the site. I have so many to share with the world alongside so many other ideas. I'm sure you'll love them when they're available.

And hacking is another story. I've never had any bad incidents except two things at Chester Senior High School, but I won't go into that in public view. I'm open about the situation, but I'd prefer to explain over private messages if you really want to know.

Anyhow, that's just a little bit (s/little bit/lot/g) about me. I hope the read was worth it! This about me is determined to be updated quite often, so do check back every once in a great while.