A home for all of my projects, completed or not.

Clinet is a bot for the Discord chat platform designed for more informative interactions and new unique ways to experience bots. It's heavily a work-in-progress, however the core intended features (such as asking questions and getting responses, playing music in voice channels, etc) are as stable as can be.
October 30th, 2017

Miitomo Asset Scraper is a small utility that lets you download all available assets from Miitomo by providing the URL to Miitomo's asset manifest. All assets are placed in the same directory as the program, and it even saves a state of previously downloaded assets so you can stop and resume at any moment in time. The utility is a Golang rewrite of Jaames' Python version.
July 12th, 2018

Development is currently on hiatus.
zPlayer is a Windows-only media player written in AutoIt, aiming to provide a graphically clean and simple easy-to-use interface that users have come to expect from their favorite media players. It sports features such as YouTube and SoundCloud playback, YouTube and regular playlists, YouTube searching, playing media from over the network or locally, and more.
April 6th, 2017