Clinet is a Discord bot written in Google's Go programming language, intended for conversation and fact-based queries. It's designed for assistance with answering questions and control with how you decide to utilize the bot, and is heavily a work-in-progress despite most features being stable.

Development began on October 30th, 2017, aiming to be a Discord port of the barebones original Clinet bot for a basic chat client written in AutoIt known as kChat. At the time I had minimal knowledge of how Go worked, and had only experimented very little with a TCP server for my own AutoIt-based chat project zChat (unassociated with kChat by means of source code, however originally inspired by it). By March 1st, 2018, I had a mostly stable bot that did what I wanted it to do, but it was by no means perfect and was hard to add features to with my newfound knowledge of how Go worked. Almost a week later, I began working on a complete rewrite from scratch, leading to where we are today with the most stable version of a program I've ever written doing exactly what I want how I want it to.

I have many plans for Clinet on top of the current features, including smart server moderation utilities and extending the control of how Clinet interacts with users to server owners. I'm still toying around with some of these ideas and have been suggested others as well, but I intend to keep Clinet as user-friendly and clean-looking as possible while soon maintaining an extensive feature list. After all, it's only a dream to have the most powerful Discord bot on the planet, but I sure as hell plan to get there without losing support and keeping the least amount of issues from occuring.

In its current state, Clinet can play almost any audio or video URL you send its way, including an added bonus of YouTube and SoundCloud. It can even search YouTube, using either a dedicated YouTube search command with pagination or using your search query as a parameter to the play command for an instant selection of the first video result. You can also ask it questions and get responses from sources like DuckDuckGo, Wolfram|Alpha, and even a configurable local Q&A RegEx repository to give more control over special responses that popular sources may not be able to provide. Clinet can also fetch information about various Imgur URLs, get you the latest, random, or specified XKCD comic, and can even flip a coin or roll some die for you when you need to settle a bet with a friend for the whole server to roast you over.

All-in-all, Clinet aims to do what the users and server owners want it to do. It shouldn't be a question of whether or not a bot can do something or which bot command prefix you have to remember to get something done, it should all be available from one user-friendly bot that does what you need it to do.

Go ahead, join the official Discord server and take Clinet for a spin in one of the bot testing channels, see what it has to offer. If something's missing that you find important for your day-to-day use of Discord bots, send me a message and I'll add it as soon as I can. Maybe even donate if you're really itching to get that one missing feature to complete your dream of a bot as soon as possible. <3